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About Cleaning Your Sewing Machine

Cleaning Your Sewing Machine

If you maintain your sewing machine well, it will operate smoothly for many years. The term maintenance means a lot over here. It includes the fabric and thread you use, and how frequently you clean it. Well, you read it right. It is important to clean your sewing machine on a regular basis in the recommended way. Cleaning the machine will add to the care you take towards its maintenance and the same will enhance its life. You can get to know unbiased reviews at The Tool Report related to sewing machines. Websites like detail exactly you can clean your sewing machine.

Before cleaning the sewing machine, you need to first read the manual to know the correct information to take the unit apart and properly clean it. Mostly, these machines will come with a tiny plastic brush that can be used in cleaning the dust and lint in the small areas of the machine. Also, follow the instructions given in the manual to lubricate the machine at frequent intervals. If you are disassembling the sewing machine, you need to do only a small part of it, clean and lubricate it and put back the same before going to another one.

Besides these cleaning processes, you need to maintain the machine in a good condition by wiping it with a piece of cloth or rag on a regular basis. If the machine is plugged in, then you need to make sure you do not proceed with the cleaning process. You need to ensure that you don’t use too much of oil on the machine and stay away from using oil if the manual says not to oil it. If you over oil the machine, it will lead to a serious mess. If you think there is more oil, you can use muslin or scrap cloth to absorb the oil.

Steps To Cut A Tree Safely


Cutting a tree is not a rocket science when you know how to cut the tree safely without hurting yourself. You can Buy electric chainsaws at affordable prices, and once it becomes blunt, you can get tips from to sharpen it and use it on a longer run.

When you intend to cut a tree, you should look for any obstacles like overhead wires or trees which would be helpful in preventing the tree from falling. Though the tree may not fall on you, on the safer side, you should leave a rough space of 20 feet from the tree. You should look for the direction the tree starts leaning before falling to the ground so you can guess the target zone where the tree is expected to fall.

When you start using a chainsaw, you should start to cut the top of the tree. The second cut should be to finish the open face notch. Once done cut the backside of the tree and a little above the wide open face notch. You should see to that you don’t saw the tree till the trunk but you should see to that you saw the tree leaving at least 1 inch of wood.

When you are done with the cutting, you can notice the tree to start falling. This is the right time to stop your sawing and escape to a safe distance away from the tree following the escape route.

As a next step, you can slide a plastic wedge under the tree and cut them through the trunk into pieces. You can then insert another wedge and can start cutting till the trunk. You can now use the chainsaw to cut the smaller branches after completing, the larger branches. The cut branches should be moved out of the path.

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