Water Moccasin

There are some facts and pieces of info which everyone should know about the water moccasin snake which is also known as cottonmouth in the southeastern parts of US. The other factor that plays a vital role in the nature of water moccasins is that they spend a significant part of their life in water even though they can sustain on land in an equally efficient manner. It has been reported by some of the most reliable as well as eminent online sites in the likes of www.snake-removal.com that the water moccasin snake is found in abundance in Florida and most other southern states. It would be correctly apt to say that the residents of these states must be aware of all the pieces of important info about them.

The water moccasin snake is also referred to as ‘cottonmouth’ owing to the resemblance of the color of its inner mouth to the cash crop. Many of you may be a little surprised to find out that the Mississippi and Missouri rivers have a very high number of water moccasin snakes living in them. The water moccasin snake can sense heat with a lot of comforts by making use of the relevant parts of its body. It has been proven by research and studies upon the water moccasin snake that the heating sensing organs of the cottonmouth are located in the area between its nostrils and eyes. These organs are also called heat sensing pits by many researchers.

This ability to sense heat allows the water moccasin snake to assess and judge when a certain predator or even a prey is coming towards it. Once the water moccasin snake has judged the arrival of a guest in its vicinity, then it can take some sort of action in order to prepare for the unexpected visit. There are various other features and modes of adaptation that make survival pretty easy for the water moccasin snake as long as it is in its typical habitat.

The water moccasin snake reproduces by giving birth to its young ones. But you must keep in mind that they are not mammals even though the female water moccasin snake gives birth to young ones. The reason behind this is that the eggs of the water moccasin snake are hatched inside the body of the mother. The population balance is maintained and upheld because they give birth to as many as ten live snakes at a time.

Mostly the water moccasin snake gives birth after the spring season. The obvious reason behind this is that the male and female water moccasin snakes mate during the spring season each year in order to ensure that the reproduction of young ones takes place.

The water moccasin snake makes use of various techniques in order to attract their prey towards it at any point in time. The reality is that a major portion of the prey of the water moccasin snake consists of amphibians such as frogs. Many water moccasin snakes also prey upon salamanders on a pretty frequent basis in order to ensure sustenance.