If you are a professional woodworker or on a DIY project, using the right sander can make your work easy. Electric Sanders also provide a high-quality finish when you are sanding a wood smooth when compared to doing it by hand. As sanding is a job that is done quite often, using electric sanders saves time. Various types of electric sanders are available based on the kind of job on hand.

Types of Sanders:

Orbital Finishing Sanders:

Orbital Sander reviews published by leading portals like www.angieslist.com suggests that it is the best among all the electric sanders, especially for beginners. They are lightweight, and are easy to control and is less noisy. These sanders use a quarter of sandpaper. The pad moves in orbits, thus allowing you to use it in any direction across the wood grain.
This sander is useful for removing varnish or dried paint from your woodwork. It cannot be used on thick wood as it is not as powerful as compared to other types of sanders.

Sanders that use orbital action is

Profile Sander:These come with several rubber pads of various sizes and shapes. It is designed for use on small complex shaped surfaces, carvings, etc.

Random orbital sanders:It has a pointed pad and is useful for sanding in corners or hard to reach areas. The difference between a random orbit and orbital sander is on its pad. The orbital sander has a square pad while the random orbit has a round pad. This sander can be used for smoothing a well as removing wood. It is the most and versatile portable sander in the market today.

Belt Sanders: It is a potent tool and is known to be the most dangerous of instruments if not handled properly. Due to its power, it is best suited for smoothing large surfaces which are flat and rough. If not used correctly it can easily shave off vast areas of wood ruining your project. It is also ideal for edge smoothing. Stack together several boards and sand all the edges all at once. This saves a lot of time and also gives good results as it reduces the chances of cutting off thin edges of a single board.

Oscillating Spindle Sanders: This is the best tool for people who are on a DIY remodeling project. It is a table mounted dual motion drum sander. It comes with various attachments and diameters of drums and spindles. The Sanders not only spins in circles but also oscillates up and down. Due to this dual action, it is perfect for contours, curves or any other unusual shapes.

Belt and Disk Sanders: It is a tabletop machine which is a two-in-one tool. It has a large belt sander along with a round disk sander.
The disk sander is useful for smoothing curved ends. The worktable can be tilted, so it is helpful to work on boards which need to be angled.
The belt sander has a flat surface which is quite large and hence can be used to sand broad large boards. The worktable can be tilted at any angle which is an added advantage.